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master level


Educational level

Education at the Department of Metal Forming at the educational level, the master is in the specialty 136 Metallurgy. For the training of masters, we have two educational programs to implement: "Metal forming" (group ME-07) and "Production and commercial support of metal products" (group ME-08). The first program is aimed at developing your engineering competencies; the second program is to develop commercial and marketing skills.

The quality of training is recognized in the European Union *. It is not necessary to go abroad to receive a competitive education.

During training at our department, you can choose the disciplines of interest to you in the selective block of vocational training *:

  • Processes and pressure processing machines (3 credits)

  • Sophisticated metal forming processes (4 credits)

  • Non-ferrous metals and alloys pressure processing technologies (4 credits)

  • Pressure welding and joining processes (4 credits)

  • Optimization of metal forming processes (4 credits)

  • Deformation-heat treatment of metals and alloys (4 credits)

  • Theoretical and experimental studies of metal processing processes (4 credits)

  • Process Management (4 credits)

  • Supply of metal products (4 credits)

  • Logistics and metal trading (4 credits)

  • Metal Product Marketing (4 credits)

  • Modeling of metal forming QForm (4 credits).


View training program.

* students choose the most interesting courses for them with a total volume of 30 credits


  • The ability to study the processes of metal forming to determine the rational parameters of the technology for the production of metal products, taking into account resource conservation and sustainable development of the industry;

  • The ability to compare processes and machines for plastic deformation of metals and alloys and to design non-standard technological schemes for pressure treatment in terms of productivity, quality indicators and final product properties;

  • The ability to choose rational parameters of metal forming processes to obtain profiles of complex shape, to solve practical problems associated with the development of technological processes for the production of products for metallurgy and mechanical engineering;

  • The ability to apply a system of fundamental knowledge (mathematical, engineering and economic) to identify, formulate and solve technical and technological problems in the field of organization, planning and production technology of finished products from non-ferrous metals and alloys;

  • The ability to determine the parameters of the heat-treatment of metals and alloys to obtain the necessary structure and phase composition of metal products.

Our goal and objective is to provide maximum opportunities for personal and professional development of students.

The training system at the department is built on the use of modern licensed software: Office 365, QForm, ANSYS, etc.
At your service: 2 laboratories, a library and a computer center. To communicate in an informal setting, the department has a "Student lounge."We have and operate in our laboratories: rolling mills, hydraulic presses, hammers, drawing mill, 3-D printer, 3-D scanner, microscope, heating furnaces, turning and milling machines.

If you want to work with us while studying, your welcome.

What is required for admission

For training in a magistracy at the Department of OMD it is necessary to pass the following exams:

  1. professional exam in the field of metallurgy;

  2. foreign language exam (English, German or French)

  3. professional test in the specialty Metallurgy (for bachelors of other specialties);

All exams are held at the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.


The Department of OMD conducts free courses in preparation for entrance professional exams.
To register for courses fill out the application form at the link - form *

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