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The advantages of training at the Department of Metal Forming


Internship programs

Practical training (internship) is a necessary component for the preparation of a qualified specialist who has not only theoretical knowledge, but can also apply them in practice. An internship (practice) allows you to navigate the labor market and find the best job for yourself.

Students studying at the department of metal forming have the opportunity to undergo practice (internship) both in Ukraine and abroad.
The partners of the department are leading companies in the production and trade of metal products.


Licensed software

It is difficult to imagine a modern student who does not use Word to do homework, Excel or MathLAB to perform calculations, and PowerPoint to prepare presentations. Students also need knowledge of CAD systems, which include Solids Works, KOMPAS-3D, AutoCAD, and CAE engineering automation, such as Forge, ANSYS, QForm.

During training at the Department of Metal Processing, you can use the following licensed products:

- Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Forms, Календар, To-Do та інш.);

-  QForm - software product for mathematical modeling of metal forming processes (agreement No. MSL2015_10_5 від 28.10.2015 р.);

- ANSYS - software for mathematical modeling of physical processes;

- KOMPAS-3D - 3D design system.


Multimedia lessons

The Department of Metal Forming uses modern multimedia technologies. Students have free access to electronic lecture notes via the Internet. Also, the department is working on the implementation of distance learning in the Moodle system and the ability to test knowledge through the Microsoft Form system has already been implemented.


Practical lessons

Practical and laboratory classes are an integral part of the educational process at the Department of Metal Forming. During these classes, students have the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained through their direct use in practice.

The department uses the following forms of practical training:

- calculation of parameters of metal forming processes,

- physical modeling and research of processes on laboratory equipment,

- mathematical modeling and research of processes using QForm,

- production of experimental samples of products in laboratory conditions.

The following equipment exists for conducting practical exercises at the department: drawing mill, hydraulic presses, rolling mills, hammers, 3-D printer, 3-D scanner, microscope, plasma cutter, induction heater, heat treatment furnaces, tensile testing machine, hardness tester and other necessary equipment.



An important component of the preparation of competitive specialists at the Department of Metal Forming is student olympiads. They temper character and bring up stress resistance.

Olympiads are held both on the basis of the department and in other cities of Ukraine:

- All-Ukrainian Engineering Graphics Olympiad (Kharkov);

- All-Ukrainian Olympiad on metal forming (Zaporozhye);

- Olympiad in equipment and technologies for plastic molding of engineering structures (Zaporizhia)

- international olympiad in design of hot forging processes in QForm software (Dnipro);

- professional olympiad in design and simulation of drawing processes "Drawing" (Dnipro).


Students participating in the Olympiads receive, in addition to important professional experience, also diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, international certificates and valuable prizes.



The main advantage of training at the Department of Metal Forming is successful employment.

The demand for our graduates is such that the students of the department begin to work in enterprises already during their studies.

An important role in the effective employment of our graduates is played by long-term relations of the department with leading metallurgical, machine-building and metal-trading companies.

If you want to go to graduate school - please.

The salary level of our graduates:

from 10000 UAH / month. *

* Get 70% of graduates after graduation

25000 UAH / month.**

** average salary 50% of graduates of the department with work experience in the specialty of 3 years

The data presented are obtained by means of a survey of graduates of the department of metal forming and are presented in the table.
Site statistics also confirm this - data for April 2019.
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